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Small Engines:

Changing Engine Oil In A Craftsman Lawn Tractor

Keep the mower running longer by changing the oil, lubricating the front axle, cleaning the air filter and checking the spark plug.


Riding lawn mower maintenance.


Change oil in snowblower.

Small Engines:

Snowblower Maintenance

Changing the oil and checking the spark plug are important maintenance procedures every 25 hours of operation...


Snowblower Repairs:

Replacing The Drive Clutch Cable
On A Craftsman Or MTD Snowblower

The cable connecting the handle and the gearbox suddenly snapped and the snowblower wouldn't move forward or backwards.

Replacing the cable was a simple 15 minute repair.

Replace the drive clutch cable on a snowblower.

Replace friction rubber on snowblower.

Snowblower Repairs:

Replacing The Friction Wheel "Rubber"
On A Craftsman Or MTD Snowblower

Stalling Out: For the past year this snowblower would just stop moving when it met heavy snow. Turns out, it just needed a new rubber "donut".


Snowblower Repairs:

Extra Step: Replacing The Drive Plate (Or Friction Disc)

While replacing the rubber friction ring, I also replaced the spinning metal disc, which had become badly grooved.


Replace drive plate.




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