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Replacing A Water Pump:

Fixing A Coolant Leak:

Replacing A Water Pump On A
1999 GMC Jimmy or Chevy Blazer

After 155,000 miles the water pump seal finally started to leak. Read about the difficulties of working on this tightly-packed engine, and tips on making the pump installation go more smoothly, such as moving the air conditioning compressor.

Replacing The Water Pump On A Dodge Truck With 3.9 V6 Or 5.2 V8

When the water pump bearing started making noise, it was just a matter of time before coolant leaked all over the place. For $50 I replaced the water pump on this old Dodge Dakota.

Replacing A Water Pump
On A 4-Cylinder Dodge Dakota

While I watched the engine run, the water pump pulley was wobbling and making a muffled rattling sound. Then it made a screech and sprayed coolant all over. Bearing Fail !


Fixing A Major Coolant Leak:

Replacing Intake Manifold Gaskets On A 1999 GMC Jimmy or Chevy Blazer

This Jimmy was leaking a gallon of coolant per day. The culprit: Blown intake manifold gaskets, probably caused years ago by GM's Dex-Cool antifreeze. Repair shops wanted $470 or more...
I fixed it for $50

Replacing intake manifold gaskets on a GMC Jimmy.

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